Screening – concert


23 May 2013

During an evening between two exhibitions, In extenso proposes a cinematographic and musical interlude in the space of the gallery. The Duo Audinet / Marty will improvise over Raphaël Maze’s lastest film: «  Extrait de ce qu’il en reste »

Duration: 50 min. approximately


Raphaël Maze works with video through image intensification, modulated by speeds close to flicker.”My films and videos are situated at the crossroads of the history of art video and experimental cinema. These two practices have explored the possibilities of an open and wide-ranging process, playing with forms as well as durations. I have been developing a body of work which reflects on the very nature of these pictures.In my films and my journeys i like to record intuitive perception, that of visual and eternal landscapes. My filmaking represents an experiment in intuitive thinking, district from the logic of a linear thought”. Music by Emmanuel Lalande, Nozal Cube, Jacques Brodier, Id m theft able, Olivier Labbé, Jean Philippe Gomez, François Buffet, Bruce Mc Clure, Guillaume Gargaud & François Lebègue, Speet Silex, Michel Titin-Schnaider, Sophie Agnel & Olivier Benoît, Duo Audinet / Marty, Ben Miller.


In the refined form of a trombone / percussion duo, David Audinet and Sylvain Marty invite us into the intimacy of an improvised dialogue. Murmurs, growls, friction, they put in motion a fundamentally organic sound space, where each note, each tone is a constituent element of an instant narrative. From virgin landscapes to scenes overwhelmed with tension, the two protagonists confront their speeches in perpetually challenged furrows, causing the most beautiful sound bursts.

DAVID AUDINET: trombone / SYLVAIN MARTY: percussion