Distropical Encounters

Samira Ahmadi Ghotbi, Merlin Carpenter et Tobias Kaspar, Mauro Cerqueira, Sébastien Maloberti, Tanat Teeradakorn, Raphaela Vogel, Venice Wanakornkul

27 January — 31 March 2018

In extenso Offsite at TARS Gallery, Bangkok

As part of its bi-annual international “Off-site” project, In extenso presents DISTROPICAL ENCOUNTERS , both a residency and exhibition project hosted by TARS Gallery in Bangkok.

Several foreign artists will discover the urban and cultural context of Bangkok, where they will spend a two-weeks residency. Meanwhile, Thai artists will join them in order to prepare together a group show to complete the project. Each artist will have two weeks to create one or several pieces on site (they will use the empty TARS Gallery as their studio), using the materials they can find there, either buying production material, finding them, exchanging them or by any other means of diffusion and circulation of goods.

This project takes its own context as a starting point to reflect on the question of ephemeral passage and brief circulation (echoing, thereby, the general concept of exhibitions, temporary by definition). What does it produce? How does the imaginary, the exotic transform themselves, resist or disappear as reality occurs? How does it affect the form? Also, how do relationship with others, cultural exchanges, produce ideas and forms? Constrained on many issues, this experience aims to shed a new light on the consequences of our habits in times of accelerated, shortened, relations, which — without any intent to promote the social acceleration of present times —, still provides encounters, exchanges and mutual influences.

In partnership with TARS Gallery, Bangkok


TARS Gallery
3 Soi Srijun, Sukhumvit Soi 67
10110 Bangkok

With the support of Clermont-Auvergne-Métropole

With special support of Embassy of Portugal, Embassy of France and the British Council in Thailand and Goethe Institut in Bangkok