La dent et le couteau

Antoine Dorotte, Jérémie Gindre, Sébastien Gouju, Nicolas Milhé

31 May — 13 July 2012

The Tooth and the Knife explores the relationship between Man and his instincts, Nature around and within him, through two main axis that lie in the work of the invited artists: a deep interest in the materiality of the artworks, as well as a strong taste for narratives, even myth and fiction. Once combined, these two aspects generate a certain ambivalence that can be found in the materials and technical processes of the selected artworks, between sophistication (Antoine Dorotte, Nicolas Milhé) and triviality (Jérémie Gindre, Sébastien Gouju). The patience, technical skills and thoroughness necessary to the making of these works put at stake the way artists consider manual labor, from bricolage to complex craftsmanship.

Bringing together very different visual lexicons, this exhibition may be visited as a supernatural landscape, a scenery that is both brutal and precious: all in all, what a theatre of human impulses could look like.

As an extension of the show, Swiss artist Jérémie Gindre will give a talk at the Café-lecture les Augustes on Thursday 7 June, at 8 pm (in French). It will be focused on the life and work of Edward Leedskalnin, the eccentric author of the Coral Castle, a mysterious sculpture park built in the early 20th century in Florida.

This project is supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

In extenso wishes to thank the artists and their galleries, the FMAC Genève, the café-lecture les Augustes and the volunteers who helped for the installation of the exhibition.

« Vous allez voir un résultat pas banal »

A talk by Jérémie Gindre

Thursday 7 June at 8pm at the café-lecture les Augustes
5 rue sous les Augustins, Clermont-Ferrand

free entrance, no booking necessary