Jupiter Eclipse

Samuel Richardot

24 January — 9 March 2013

In extenso inaugurates the year 2013 by an invitation to Samuel Richardot, a painter who graduated from l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2006. Despite its minimalist imprint, Samuel Richardot’s painting shows a clear interest in the expressive, almost lyrical potential of experiments on shapes and materials, and even leaves room for chance or accidents. Although the materiality of the painting is strongly stated, one can feel a taste for anecdotes, stories or emotions that are enclosed into the shapes, which are often extracted from Richardot’s environment, who then make them go through numerous mutations. The title of the exhibition, Jupiter Eclipse, suggests a sci-fi aesthetic that refers to a key component of the artist’s imaginary, as he grew up surrounded by his father’s science-fiction books and their phantasmagorical covers.

At In extenso, Samuel Richardot will show a selection of recent paintings, and he will also fully invest the space of the gallery with a display of cut and painted papers hanged directly onto the walls, thus making them the very basis of his experiments.

Samuel Richardot was born in 1982, he lives and works between the Auvergne region and Paris.

He is represented by Balice Hertling gallery, Paris.