French Riviera

David Ancelin, Patrice Carré, Stéphane Lecomte, Pascale Mijares

23 January — 1 March 2014

A carte blanche to Documents d’artistes

The title “French Riviera” conveys the promise of a foreign land, on the edge of fantasy and ambition of an infinite leisure. French Riviera sounds like a possible destination, as a landscape horizon at hand. This territory is obviously not what we believe it is, but an amalgamated set of clichés produced thanks to dreams packaged to be spread. It is the archipelago of a fantasy crossed by multiple codes, twisted by advertising, invitations to desire the standard. It is a synthetic world in which the familiar mingles with envy.

This mechanical process articulating the knowledge of an object (or a territory) and mental construction, activates all the works in the exhibition French Riviera. Drawing shapes in the mundane reality, they seem to slip away, to broaden their horizons by mixing up elements of cultures foreign to one another. They re-encode reality and present themselves as lands for heterogeneous encounters. They are traveling objects which work by collage and compose personal stories by tapping into the everyday life as well as the bottomless stock of representations which circulates through every possible information networks. […]

Extract from the text written by Guillaume Mansart for the exhibition

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