Indeterminate Chymistry

Laura Golzan

19 February — 4 April 2015

Laura Gozlan will propose a new architectural installation integrating sculptures and video projection. Indeterminate Chymistry deals with on the “gray areas” of ancient sciences and proto-sciences, on their coexistence when rationalism makes place to mysticism, reminding us of speculative theories as well as archaic practices.

In addition to the exhibition, Laura Gozlan will present a performance at cinema le Rio, followed by a projection of the film The Gladiators by Peter Watkins (1969).

Laura Gozlan’s practice is articulated around experimental films, videos and visual installations made of documents, sculptures and models. She has recently been reappropriating images borrowed from genre cinema and scientific films which she rearranges in the edit with her own rushes. She finds interest in scientific and architectural utopias and in the communities which these gather with a predilection for their representation in sub-genre cinema.

Laura Gozlan was born in 1979, she lives and works between Brussels and Paris.


Something eternal is more perfect than something created – 20 min


The Gladiators de Peter Watkins (1969) – 1h27