Taiféd uo taif ertê tuep tuot

Giuliana Zefferi by Syndicat

2 June — 25 July 2015

The project “Taiféd uo taif ertê tuep tuot” (“All can be made or unmade”) presents itself as a catalogue around the work of Giuliana Zefferi put into an exhibition. This publication unfolds at In extenso in the shape of printed strips on which can be seen images of artworks (sculptures, installations, videos), documents and archives, as well as a conversation with the artist. The display, composed of several vertical plans, invites the spectator to navigate through the elements and to manipulate them. The graphic design has been conceived by the duo Syndicat, François Havegeer and Sacha Léopold: they interpreted in a printed form the shifts and superimpositions, the textures and materials constituting Giuliana Zefferi’s practice.

Through the format of an exhibition-edition, “Taiféd uo taif ertê tuep tuot” puts into question the acts of showing, circulating and receiving an artistic practice: the printed medium reveals the potential gaps between the reality of the artwork and the images representing it. In extenso hosts the first stage of this project, conceived to be traveling and evolving. It will be deployed later elsewhere and differently, augmented of new elements and layouts.

Thus, “Taiféd uo taif ertê tuep tuot” materializes a collective reflection on the temporalities of artworks, exhibitions and archives, and renders visible the movement of images and their potential futures.

Marie Bechetoille

Giuliana Zefferi is an artist, born in 1985, she lives and works in Pantin ;

Marie Bechetoille is a curator and art critic, born in 1985, she lives and works in Paris ;

François Havegeer and Sacha Léopold, aka Syndicat, are graphic designers, born in 1987 and 1986, they live and work in Paris.

Partners of the exhibition:

Artistes en résidence / Médiathèque de Jaude

Thanks to:

Sylvain Azam, Edith Azam-Zefferi, Marie Berne,

Martial Déflacieux, Roland Lannier, Isabelle Téty-Fradin