To Tame a Pack of Dogs, Eileen

Kate Mackeson, Fleur Melbourn

8 February — 17 March 2018

To Tame a Pack of Dogs, Eileen

Like this?
Her left hand is placed horizontally, palm side up, and the right hand is placed on top, palms together

Or like this?
She switches the left hand into the right hand position and vice versa.

Or….like this?
This time she switches the position of the top hand to create the reverse

Or like this?
One of her hands cups the other hand and thrusts in an aggressive way. Doggy style.

Or…maybe like this?
She interlinks her fingers and drops through one finger that now appears like a penis.

She drives a car, androgynous, looks like that I guy I spent the night with.
…one hand is rubbing her chin

He, naked, was like a wicker chair.
The other hand lays in her lap,
Which erases part of her leg,
This leg then crosses the other leg


Between the vast circular column and the glass I can just make out the magnolia brushing
the steel railing that looks down on the garden.
She removes her hand from the railing, running it through her hair like a thick tooth comb,
She makes a fist, lips softly touch fist,
she smells the back of her hand, as the hand moves sideways her index brushes along her top lip,
Then sliding back up to touch the tip of her nose
She pinches her nose.


Sarah went up to a woman at a party and said ‘i like your blouse’ ‘Oh this blouse?’ says the woman ‘It belongs to Suzie, I just borrowed it.’ ‘It belongs to Suzie!’ she snarled, ‘who cares who it belongs to. It’s a nice blouse.’ Appropriation always leaves a trace of the owner.

I’m now leaning into the vast circular column that holds this Villa,
Only it doesn’t, it doesn’t hold the Villa, it’s not structural.
It’s been 50 years,
Of the looks she gives, …(hands, power)
My hands … (working hands)
with misplaced hand
under armless elbow
with erased hand
under elbowless arm
with neither hand nor face
Louise hides Louise

Kate Mackeson (1985, UK) and Fleur Melbourn (1987, UK) studied at the Royal College of Art, London.

They live and works in London.