à côté de

Lilith Bodineau, Ulysse Bouët, Céleste Cerx, f a y e, Martha Fély, Morgane Floquet, Léo love Gentil, Andrea Malapert, Baptiste Malapert, Armineh Negahdari, Mauve Perolari, Louise Lorelei Elisabeth Sautron

25 April — 6 May 2023

6 curators and art students,
a 6-headed desire
and even more heads
the exhibition is a place of encounter, of exchange
a practice of correspondence

taking time to think of you
of you all
for you all
for you 
through you
through you all

we went a little bit everywhere
and sought out heads
networks of gazes
hands and arms
pelvises and legs
to hold it all together

we found a list of prefixes
dys: nearby
trans: through
ana: above
cata: underneath

€ 3,000
27 m²
a city
a neighborhood
and a moment in time

an exhibition that commences
a commencement exhibition

Decolonial feminist thinker and filmmaker Trinh T. Minh Ha invites us to imagine the production of a gaze that is not direct but rather à côté de1. A look, a gesture, a thought that is activated “nearby”2, that is to say not very far away ; a gaze that does not contend to the objectivity of the knowledge of its subject but rather that is interested in the relation of proximity with it. We would like to consider this exhibition in these terms, without curator nor artist, but rather simultaneously everywhere or everything nearby. The word “ nearby ” may indicate that we are never really in the center3, that we are never really alone, and never sure we are in the right place.

[1] Translation: nearby
[2] We refer here to the several occurrences of the terms “ nearby ” and “ nearness ” as in her first film Reassemblage (40 min, 1982) or in the lecture series that bears that name “Just Speak Nearby ”, 356mission.com, 2016.
[3] bell hooks, Feminist theory: from margin to center, 1984.

This project was realised in collaboration with the École supérieure d’art Clermont Métropole.