Kelly Weiss, Mathieu Guille, Lola Fontanié, Clémentine Palluy, Diane Réa, Ludovic Hadjeras, Amélie Sounalet, Marie Muzerelle, David Lennon, Jade Lièvre

23 January — 30 January 2020

“[…] a story of incessant splits and eternal quests of a unifying essence. But little by little, another possibility of response to these crises has emerged: coalition – affinity, rather than identity. ”

Cyborg manifesto, Donna Haraway

9 HACKS : POTENTIAL TOOLS is an exhibition project written by Lola Fontanié and Jade Lièvre. ” Hacking” is a word used in computer science. Here, the term is moved to the daily hacking, to allow individuals to become actors and actresses in the conception of their condition of life.
   Ten artists have been invited : Lola Fontanié, Mathieu Guille, Ludovic Hadjeras, Jade Lièvre, Marie Muzerelle, Clémentine Palluy, Diane Réa, Amélie Sounalet, Kelly Weiss.

The encounter lived by the artists for the exhibition shapes a shared starting point, which through this temporary group is looking for a different, absent but possible present.

During the exhibition the visitors are invited to act and participate at the different artwork and their construction, thereby displacing the usefulness of an art center and transforming it into a space of experimentation, a place of possibilities. The artistic interventions are minglind and evolving in different temporalities, sometimes requiring an regular and extensive attention.

By creating hybrid and cabal works both in their materiality and in their meaning, the artists are questioning relationships between beings with an irrepressible desire of porosity.
These are 9 hacks for 9 different interventions. As another way of learning and sharing experiences, proposals are blurring the boundaries between performances, workshops and lessons. Each artist is sharing a piece or a story which is becoming a collective tools to reuse, shape and disperse.
Objects as much as encounters are mutating into emancipation tools. Manual tools, reflexive tools used by everyone. Through these different experiences, we want to create a temporary daily life of learning, autonomy and new relationships.

The exhibition will finish with the edition of a fanzine dedicated to these explored perspectives throughout the week.

Kung Fu Musée, 2020, performative conference

The Kung Fu is a martial art inspired by ancient Chinese philosophy and includes different styles and different schools. One characteristic of Kung Fu is the analysis of animal behavior in order to transcribe it into fight mouvement and defense technique. It began with five main animals: the tiger, the crane, the leopard, the snake and the dragon. Over the years, new techniques inspired by other animals emerged such as the rat, the eagle or the drunk man. Chinese philosophy preconises a meticulous observation of nature which leads to this translation from animal to human. Chinese began to copy them by paying close attention to their surroundings, their environment and trying to understand the behaviour of wild animals. From which other living beings could we be inspired to develop a technique of self-defense and attack ? Which mechanisms and languages ​​are implemented in the transcription and translation into techniques of animal movements ? What does it mean to copy nature through gestures ? Kung Fu is created from a precise methodology, it could be interesting to apply it in our time. What is future’s self-defense ? Could it be a method that takes into account body extensions such as smartphones or tablets ?

Ordentlich, 2020, drying and ironing dummy, softener, folding board

“Dry and iron your clothes in just one operation. Bring your still wet clothes to In Extenso! Come with your suits, shirts, pants or shorts straight out of your washer! We take care of everything, using an article that dry and iron at the same time. Give a distinguished , carefully prepared look for you to highlight and shine in society in a record time, effortless.

While waiting for your clothes to get a makeover, you can enjoy the exhibition “9 HACKS : POTENTIAL TOOLS” from 23rd to 30th january 2020.

For the exhibition “9 HACKS : POTENTIAL TOOLS”, Amélie Sounalet move a domestic gesture inside a contemporary art space. She creates a device in which human and machine look alike. 

She interrogates the appearance, the act of taking care, the repetitive daily gesture.

In what context do people wear a smooth outfit? Who iron clothes? How do we monetize the time when we take care of our look?

Steam, 2020, vaping device

Through the appearance of an e-cigarette, an object that reduces a proven health risk by replacing it with the unknown, Steam is a divination tool of precognition. During the exhibition’s opening, the object is circulating from hand to hand. Everyone can try to find answers to their questions and thereby get out of the discomfort of a presently complex situation. In this purpose, the spectators are invited to breathe in and ask a question. By spitting out the smoke, the answer will appear.

La protéodie, 2019, music, guest plants, raspberry

Proteodies are melodies composed in order to inhibit or boost the synthesis of specific proteins. These melodies are broadcast to plants and are used in agriculture to boost their growth or their resistance to disease.

Referring to that composition system, Mathieu Guille & Lola Fontanié wrote a music which notes correspond with the oxytocin protein stimulation. This protein take action in different expressions of the pleasure feel, during orgasm, breastfeeding, attachment and empathic feeling.

During the exhibition this music is play in the art space 1 hour every 12 hours. Visitors are invited to bring their plants and let them reside In Extenso for them to enjoy the music created for them.

Hi-jack this tool to give pleasure rather than prompt increase. A collective attempt to give care and space to plants, in a will to feel at one together.

Nouvel ennemi, 2020, wolf urine, human urine

In the exhibition area, up to canid height and key locations, will be vaporised markings composed of 50% of wolf urine and 50% of the artist’s urine. Urine allows canids to mark their territory and provide informations about the one who leave this track. How will dogs react toward this hybrid urine? Do they excepted the human smell to react only to the wolf’s one, developing a deep-seated rivality with the invisible enemy who marked the space? Do they consider the human mark as a will to mark the space or do they consider it as a clue about the presence of a werewolf on the territory? Even though we, humans, are overwhelmed by this langage, we are able to imagine what it means to canid. This almost empathic quality involves a move of what we see, the first step to become a werewolf.

Juste un doigt, 2020, vidéoconférence

Bonjour, David n’étant point là durant le temps de l’exposition, il vous propose pour rester en contact, de vous toucher deux mots sur la pratique du massage, par vidéo conférence numérique digitale et tactile. Le massage, sans s’agiter, de quoi s’agit-il ? Avec le plus de tact possible et une tactique de « I don’t care but I do », il va aborder ce point de tension : comment toucher au but de détendre sans attendre qu’on en ait plein le dos ? David remercie masseur Jade et ma sœur Lola pour leur invitation.

Faîtes comme chez vous, 2020, carpet, cushions, water bowls, biscuits

Jade Lièvre is inviting the dogs to join the opening festivities and the exhibition space for a week. In which ways are they spectators ? How do they perceive the presented work ? The artist is opening In extenso to spectators of other species, usually excluded from these places open to the public. In order to gather humans and other animals she is offering them a common space. Visitors are therefore invited to come accompanied by their canine companions. During the opening, water and edible food for both species will be offered.

Entre mes, 2019-2020

Behind a table full of cakes and cocktails, two hostesses will be there to serve you and fulfill all your expectations
The idea is born one night when the excitation keeps people awake. A little bit of magic, madness and some measured gestures, gave birth to the artists’ first collaboration. Lola and Clémentine invite you to taste, enjoy and revel this conceptions prepared in their den. 

On the 23rd January at 6.30pm, let yourself be seduced by some delicious desserts and drinks made with lubricants. Rest assured, they want to give you only pleasure, not to poison you. Tested on a panel of consented humans, each dessert is made with a special attention… 

Nothing will hamper your dégustation, except the desire to try again.

Surrounding, 2020, dirt, dishwashing liquid

Thinking paint with its environment, in a sensitive way. By almost imperceptible gestures, Kelly Weiss is revealing the details, imperfections, she is giving back a temporality to the place, the exhibition’s frame. In this way, she is questioning space for what it is tangibly, and the pictorial medium’s limits. The place is here the setting of the painting, the imperfections are becoming its composition. By painting that way, she is getting rid of the idea of ​image and a potential art’s object.

The exhibition « 9 HACKS Outils potentiels » has been supported by the École Supérieure d’Art de Clermont-Métropole, the Haute École des Arts du Rhin and the Institut Supérieur des Arts de Toulouse.