In extenso’s 20th Anniversary: Bingo Night!

17 December 2022

In collaboration with Artistes en résidence and Les Ateliers

The letters B I N G O dance on the façade in a myriad of flashy colors. It’s flamboyantly art deco, and the perfect decoy to fool risk-takers.

Inside, everything is over the top. The lights, the screens, the number of chairs and tables, the height of the ceiling, the gilded display cases that hold the spinning bingo gadgets with the numbered balls inside. There is a murmur in the room – the whispers of people repeating sounds, the hum of hope, the lull of disappointment – that is rhythmically buried under the shouts of the numbers: 19, 1 – 9; 53, 5 – 3; 8 number 8; 83, 8 – 3…

Suddenly, everything is interrupted. “LINE!” One excited person shouts while everyone else mumbles under their breath, casting spells on the lucky one. Thirty seconds later, the numbers are carried around the room again by the voice that doesn’t skip a beat. “BINGO,” shouts another lucky person. Everyone throws down their pen and pulls another 50 cents from their bag saying “it’s only 50 cents”.

Those who have had enough bring their unused bingo cards to the flamboyantly dressed cashier. “I’ve had enough,” they say. “Do you give up?” asks the game master. “No,” they reply, pointing to the golden scratch cards glittering on the wall. “Give me one of those.”

They will soon find out what is hidden underneath.

We are delighted to invite you to In extenso’s 20th anniversary party on Saturday, December 17, starting at 7pm at La Diode.

We are organising an evening of games and risk during which you can play BINGO or buy scratch-off tickets to try to win some fantastic prizes, including works of art! During this evening, the new visual identity of In extenso, designed by the duo Traduttore, traditore, will be unveiled.

Beyond the lure of winning and the frenzy of fortune, your contributions will serve to sustain the association, its independence and its artistic quality.

Come enjoy and support us for years to come!


7:00 PM: Opening of the doors
8:00 PM : First BINGO session
20H45 : Intermission
9:30 PM : Second session of BINGO

The evening will end with some music, a moment of dancing and come what may!

NB: Plan to withdraw cash before coming to participate in the games

With the participation of :

Clélia Barthelon, Antoine Beaucourt, Emmanuelle Bureau, Lola Fontanié, Katia Porro, To’a Serin-Tuikalepa, Frédéric Storup, Traduttore, traditore and other guests

How to get there?

La Diode is located outside the city center of Clermont-Ferrand and is accessible by car, bus and tram. Public transportation is free on weekends.

A parking lot is available on site.

For public transport, you have the possibility between :

Tram A : Fontaine du Bac stop
Bus C : stop Oradou Gantière
Bus 21 : Flaubert stop